A Contra Dance is also known as an Oldtime Country Dance or a Barn Dance or any number of names that have been given to it over the years in different areas and cultures of the U.S. It has also been around since the 17th century. For a definition of a Contra Dance go here.The dances are called by a caller with a short instruction before each dance. During the evening besides Contra there may also be traditional squares, Irish Ceili, English Country Dances, Polkas and waltz’s. Contra Dancers always dance to live Music and at our dance the music is provided by the Sonora Contra Dance Players including Banjos, Fiddles, Flutes, Penny Whistles, Guitars, Mandolins, Autoharps and any other instruments that show up to play Oldtime and Celtic music.

    Dances are held on the 3rd Saturday of each month (with exception to a special dance on New Years Eve) The Location is the Aronos Women’s Club at 37 East Elkin St. at the Corner of Stewart St. (just up the hill from the red church on Washington St.). For a map go here. Donations of 7.00 adult and 3.00 students are appreciated (to help pay the rent on the building) Music and dancing starts at 7:30 PM or come early for the potluck at 6:30. All ages are welcome as well as singles and couples.